Our Team

The Principals

 Jenny Gilder MRA CHIM FHIMAA Life Member of HIMAA

Senior Advisor and Strategic Planning

Jenny has worked in the Health Information Management profession for many years, graduating in 1969.  Jenny had an eight year break in the 1980s when she worked as Director of Community Services for a large Sydney Metropolitan Council.  On return to the healthcare sector Jenny worked in the private sector before running her own contract company.

Jenny commenced using TCC for storage and clinical coding services and became well known to Keith Holden.  Due to ill health in her family, Jenny then worked for TCC for some time and tried to retire several times.

Jenny served on the HIMAA Board for some ten years and was President for two years.  Jenny also served on her local hospital Community Board of Advice and worked for a short time on the roll out of the My Health Record.  Jenny still serves HIMAA on the Advocacy and Leadership Committee, Fellowship Panel, Clinical Documentation Improvement competency Committee, Membership Committee and The Practice Quality and Safety Committee.

This new project with TCC had brought Jenny completely out of retirement mode as she assists TCC in its start-up.  Jenny is passionate about good quality clinical coding and data, mentoring young professionals as they embark on their careers and making sure the data and health records of all Australians is accurate and protected.

Contact email: jenny@thecodingcompany.com.au


Linda Westbrook  CHIM  (BappSc HIM)

Divisional Director

Linda has been working as a Health Information Manager for the last 30 years, since graduating from The University of Sydney in 1990.  Linda became one of the youngest Health Information Management professionals to manage the entire medical records service of one of the largest public health facilities in Australia.  During those years whilst gaining invaluable experience, Linda also volunteered her time to the Health Information Management Association of Australia whilst working on several committees, and was also invited to be a guest presenter at the University of Sydney.

For the last 20 years Linda has worked in private enterprise providing health services with quality Health Information Managers, Clinical Coders and coding auditors who bring with them a wealth of experience.  Linda’s ability to match the right staff to the needs of TCC clients is one of her strengths.  Linda was also recently the Chair of the HIMAA NCCH National Conference Committee for 4 years.

Linda has accepted a new role with TCC as Divisional Director of HIM, Coding & Auditing Services.  This is a challenging role and Linda looks forward to working with our clients and staff in strengthening the quality of HIM, coding and audit services domestically and internationally.

Contact email: linda@thecodingcompany.com.au


Keith Holden (BsocSc Econ)


When the original The coding Company (TCC) was registered in 1999, TCC’S client base became the majority of private and public hospitals in Sydney. It didn’t take long before these were joined by other hospitals throughout NSW.  TCC’s professional services personnel are now in high demand locally and internationally including in the Middle East.

The new TCC was established in July 2019 to offer the same services with a greater emphasis on professional Health Information Management Services.  Founding and senior individual staff have returned to be a part of the new TCC.  The new TCC continues to maintain a close association with HIMAA and senior HIM professionals.

Contact email: keith@thecodingcompany.com.au


In Summary

TCC employs the best Clinical Coding, HIM and senior advisory staff who continue to serve the healthcare sector .  We have the depth of resources to be able to bring on board subject matter experts in audit costing and revenue cycle management, information technology and infrastructure planning as needed.

TCC have developed close ties with the industry sector we have served over many years and we believe our reputation as a good employer and excellent service provider is well known.  In our recent reincarnation phase we have entered into service agreements with some of the largest teaching hospitals in NSW, and our involvement within the private hospital sector is also now well established.

We are excited to have been welcomed back so warmly by a healthcare sector that is going through so many changes in classification, documentation improvement, quality, EMR and changes to infrastructure planning.  We look forward to working with you!