Records Management Services / Culling

TCC can offer health services with many solutions in the maintenance of their file rooms.  Conscious of the fact that the eMR is rolling out across Australia, but also conscious of the jurisdictional General Disposal Authorities (GDAs) still in place for paper medical records, TCC can provide skilled staff to manage your file rooms from preparing records for destruction, filing loose sheets, moving file rooms, culling, boxing records for external storage.  Data solutions for file room maintenance, destruction and culling are also available.


It is important to TCC that health information service staff are able to get on with the business of providing an excellent service without the extra burden of file room maintenance and it is well known that work related injuries in health information services often relate to file room maintenance activities.  TCC can help you and your team by taking the worry out of maintaining a safe, efficient file room.

For more information please contact Linda Westbrook