Coding Education

The Coding Company has long recognised the need for ongoing professional development for clinical coders and have embarked on an ambitious program of Webinars to assist clinical coders move through the classification and learn more of the complexities they will discover with each medical record they code.

Moving from simple, noncomplex cases to the overly complicated are part and parcel of a clinical coder’s day and we aim to provide the knowledge to tackle the mundane to the complex.

The Webinar series commenced in 2020 has expanded and will soon include CDI Webinars based on the Clinical Coding Webinars.  We have covered the complexities of coding Cardiac, Cardiothoracic, Spinal, Diabetes and Obstetrics cases and our ongoing program will be developed based on feedback from our Webinar registrants. We are responding to our customers’ requests rather than driving the agenda ourselves.

Coding education is so important and the work that has gone into ensuring the information presented is accurate has been tremendous. Julieanne Lee, Netta Ward and our new member Clare Collinge who will present our CDI series are to be commended for their attention to detail.

TCC is also able to help health services develop a coding education program for their trainees and/or current coder workforce either face to face or via Zoom. We can tailor a program to suit your needs and case mix using your own case studies, operation reports and clinical notes (all deidentified)

Let us tailor a program for you to make the most of your clinical coding workforce talents and ensure they develop professionally for the best outcomes at your health facility.

Team Members

For more information please contact Linda Westbrook